Sandra C., Research Assistant, Age 32

"Kristi is a certified yoga instructor whom I take class with every Tuesday and Thursday at Austin Body Works in NW Austin. She teaches yoga classes and special yoga for runners' classes around the Greater Austin area. Her classes have really helped stretch out my hip flexors which tend to get stiff and stretch my IT band. The upper bodywork is also great for cross training."

Janice S., Government Employee, Age 44

"I have been practicing yoga for a year & a half with Kristi. During that time I have found that she is a great teacher. She is patient, knowledgeable, and fun. During the time we have worked together, my strength has greatly improved, my flexibility is better and the yoga practice has alleviated the pain in my joints I used to feel. Kristi has been a great teacher and has worked with me to learn proper pose alignment and positioning. And she sure makes yoga fun!"

T. Evans, Consultant, Age 42

"For the past several years, I have had trouble with pain and tightness in the lower back and hip area. This year, this tightness had kept me from being able to play golf without aggravating my back further. Since starting yoga earlier this summer, I have been able to practice and play golf without aggravating my lower back and have had significantly less tightness and pain."


"I've noticed so many changes in my mindset and I really attribute them to yoga. I find I'm much more patient with people, give them a break, and believe more in their good intentions. Has really made me feel more confident about myself as well."

Aryn H., Consultant, Age 27