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Kristi Johnson
Owner of Blue Skies Therapy
Certified Yoga Instructor,
Certified Cardiac Yoga Instructor,
Licensed Massage Therapist, LMT#043538
Massage Therapy Instructor

Austin, TX and Cedar Park, TX

Body and Mind Philosophy

I help individuals find relief from the everyday strains of life by centering their body and mind through yoga poses, breath work, meditation, and massage therapy treatments. My mission is to help others find ways to heal themselves and to become more aware of body and mind signals on when to rest.


My style of Yoga integrates breath work with postures tailored to meet students' needs, ending my class with a deep relaxing meditation. Experience a yoga environment welcoming all levels, allowing an expression of safety and freedom to learn. Students are encouraged to practice at their own level. Classes will help the student work with a range of variations, and the understanding to develop a sound practice. I believe that yoga creates positive changes in people's lives.

Massage Therapy

My style of massage therapy treatment ranges from gentle touch to deep pressure. I offer table massage, chair massage, and Thai massage at my office location and at corporations. Clients fill out paperwork before the session to know the policies and procedures of the massage and to notify me of any health concerns. I communicate openly and effectively to make sure the client feels at ease and comfortable with the massage treatment. I respect the privacy of each client and practices full draping procedures to ensure the client can relax during the massage therapy treatment.

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